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Best of Ithaca 2011

Kripalu Yoga, Beginners

A rejuvenating practice that provides a solid foundation for beginning students. Basic breathing techniques and physical postures are explored to promote internal focus.

Instructors: Steven Valloney, Ilana Berman, Astrid Jirka, Matt Prezioso

Kripalu Yoga, Intermediate

A flowing class that builds on the basics of hatha yoga. The postures experienced in combination with breathwork contribute a deeper sense of self awareness.

Instructors: Steven Valloney, Nicole Stumpf, Ilana Berman, Anne Schneiderman, Grace Goodhew

Kripalu Yoga, Advanced

A workshop-style class with deep exploration of advanced and intermediate postures. Sessions may include inversions, deep backbends, meditation and pranayama. 1 year yoga experience minimum.

Instructor: Steven Valloney

Power Kripalu Yoga

A faster paced class for the advanced practitioner, class focuses on building core strength, inversion, and arm balances.

Instructor: Steven Valloney

Kripalu Restore and Relax Yoga

Gentle movement combined with restorative postures, meditation and Yoga Nidra.
Restorative yoga is a deeply calming form of yoga, practiced with minimal physical effort. Poses, generally practiced lying down, are held for three to five minutes or more and involve the use of props in order to create maximum support and relaxation for various parts of the body. A typical class will encourage gentle forward and backward bends, easy twists and mild inversions. This is an excellent practice for those in need of a deep muscular and/or mental release and/or as a supplement to more active yoga styles.

Instructor: Matt Prezioso

Tai Chi

The Chinese art of Tai Ji Quan (Tai Chi) enjoys considerable fame as a slow-motion health maintenance exercise. Its popularity has been steadily increasing in Western countries for several decades. This course, and its ongoing version, will focus on the health aspects primarily, but will also include occasional exploration of the philosophical and martial characteristics.

Tai Ji practitioners should wear loose comfortable clothes, a minimum of jewelry (no watches or bracelets), and wear only socks, bare feet, or cotton-soled gong fu shows.

*Separate fee schedule applies.

Instructor: Anthony Fazio, L.Ac., C.A.


The basic principles of Viniyoga are linking the breath and the movement of the spine, arranging the flow of poses for safety and maximum effect and adapting the postures for each individual based on their needs and ability. We do not use complex postures but instead focus on deepening the student's experience, on being more present in the posture. Classes often include some study of the yoga sutras, using them to set an intention for the day's practice.

*Separate fee schedule applies.

Instructor: Gisela Konrad

Rates & Registration

Single Class: Drop-In
6 Weeks: 6 classes
6 Weeks: 12 classes
6 Weeks: Unlimited
Private Lesson

Special Rates for Students, Senior Citizens and Veterans

Single Class: Drop-In
6 Weeks: 6 classes
6 Weeks: 12 classes
6 Weeks: Unlimited
Private Lesson

Couples Discount

A 10% discount applies for two or more people from the same household.

Classes purchased as a six-week series must be used within 6 weeks of purchase date. You may attend any combination of the classes listed in the schedule, except where separate fee schedules are noted.

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